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Concrit here please~ I'm very postive to constructive criticism, as I want to be able to improve him as much as I can. Flames will be politely ignored and frowned upon. >: I want constructive crit. Not destructive.

Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off! /o/ ♥


ALSO. If we're threading, I'm not on IRC and you need to get a hold of me, or if there's anything else you're concerned about, tag this post, and I'll be sure to get back to you asap. ♥

SO volunteers

SO THIS THING never happened because I had too much on my plate and then both October and half of November galloped away with me IRL, which I didn't expect. I'm so sorry.

However! It's going to happen now that I actually do have loads of time and nowhere to be, so if there's anyone else up for having their character maybe mutilated or killed in one way or the other, poke me about it. I'm not actually looking for a FIGHT per se, seeing as Ash is more for killing and less for having to fight to do it. :|a But ymmw and things might work out anyway. See the old entry for more info.

looking for people to kill

lol this is timing for October and all.

Ash lost it a little, is in his own way possibly more homicidal than usual (not that he's killed anyone in camp yet, but THERE'S BEEN DISTRACTIONS which are now gone, fair and square). He's unstable, very very angry, betrayed and wants to strangle someone or something or someones.

To spice things up even more, Hatter gave him an extra push down the deep end, and I quote: "+10 to all stats, except mental stability. -15 there."

SO. Do you want your character to die in whatever innovative way Ash can think of? It ranges from hypnotism (compelling someone to take their own life in various ways), bloody stabbings, shooting (if he can find a gun), pitching people against each other and watch the fun, strangling, to maybe drowning someone idk I'M NOT TOO INVENTIVE AT 1 AM /o/

Not entirely sure when, but looking for this to happen sometime this weekend. TALK TO ME!

~ ♥

EDIT: ASH WILL NOT BE ALL POWERFUL, just a little more than before. Also anyone is welcome to apply, not just. powerful people. It's not really a full blown fight I'm looking for, just ... Ash being murderous.